The Hakuran Military is a prestigious and honorable organization. It is divided into three Corps that serve the foundation of the security of the Empire.:


Brave , fast moving, and whispered by some to be thoroughly mad, the Scouts range outside the Walls to maintain the Empire’s ties to the outside world, and reclaim the lands outside the Walls from the dreaded Behemoths. The Emblem of the Scouts is an arrow strung bow.

Scout Talon

Size: 2 Drill: Elite Might: 0 Join Battle: 10
Attack: 13 (Dmg 14 Min 2) Attack Ranged: 13 (Dmg 14 Min 2) Defense: 7 Magnitude: 9
Soak: 12 Senses: 9 Resolve: 4 Willpower: 6
Resist: 2 Command Bonus: 2 Rout Difficulty: 1


The Guardians serve as the standing army that protect the Empire within the Walls. The Military Police, also known as Arbiters, are a special elite branch of the Guardians who serve to enforce law and order within the Districts. The Emblem of the Guardians is a double edged sword.


Coreman, artillerists, thaumaturages, and siege engineers are a few of the many roles taken on by the Quartermasters. They are the backbone of the Military’s infrastruture, and maintian and utilize the many Cannons and implosion bows that sit atop the Walls and await the day the Empire is once again under assault. The Emblem of the Quartermasters is a heater shield.

Standard Issue Equipment

Chopping Sword
Long Bow
Marukan Steed

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