First Age Incarnations


Millennia ago, during The First Age, the Solar Exalted reigned Creation. Below are the previous incarnations of the heroic Exalted of The Hakura Chronicle.

Fellowship of the Eternal Blossom

Five idealistic Solar Exalted who joined together to build a vast city-state in River Province at the height of the First Age. They created a paradise that drew many other Exalted to join in building a glorious utopia.

Five Swords Dragon
Dawn Caste sword-priestess. She forged, wielded, and mastered the Art of the Sword. Red-haired, hazel eyed, and olive skinned woman. Five was a master of Evocations. She was the best friend and battle sister of August Hope.

Raidant Flower
Twilight Caste. Radiant Flower was a sorceress, society builder, and craftswoman. Creater of the Three Walls of Hakura, and founder of the Thrice Blessed Empire. She shared her vision for a new world of peace and enlightenment with the other members of the circle, her words inspired them all to aid her in making her vision come true. She had blonde hair, azure eyes, and fair complexion.

Snow Petal Song
Eclipse Caste. A retired courtesan-priestess of Venus. She rose to become a merchant-empress, Emissary to the Rakasan Courts, and the Heavenly City of Yushan. She forged alliances with many small gods to fortify and strengthen the Thrice Blessed Empire. She possessed long raven black hair braided with bells, shells, and flowers. Her eyes were a deep midnight blue.

Silent Rain
Night Caste, quiet yet beautiful spy, scout, and when necessary, assassin. She is the birth-sister of Snow Petal Song, and they took the Second Breath together under circumstances neither was ever willing to share. She dedicated her life to serving the Unconquered Sun, and protecting her sister’s interests. She served as the one person secret police of the Thrice Blessed Empire. Like her sister she took possessed raven-black hair and midnight blue eyes.

August Hope
Zenith Caste. Once a humble temple priestess, she was Chosen while defending an orphanage from predatory devas . She rose to become a potent warrior-priestess during the Primordial war. August retired at the dawn of the First Age to a life dedicated to building a better society for all mankind. She eventually joined with Radiant Flower and rallied the Fellowship together to build a home where people could live in peace and harmony.

Guardians of the August Walls

Exalted from all over Creation came to join the cause of the Fellowship. Both Celestial and Terrestrial Exalted were drawn to the great project. These people were known to outsiders as the The Guardians of the August Walls. However, to the members of the Fellowship they were just as much apart of their circle as core five.

Mako and Kage Shen
Night Caste Twin brothers who both took the Second Breath avenging the death of their parents in a Deva blood sacrifice. Together, they succeeded in seducing and enslaving the demon Mara to their will. They took the mystical martial and sorcerous techniques they learned from her and used them to ferret out, seduce, and destroy enemies of Creation who threaten the Empire.

Thousand Poets Song
Twilight Caste. A talented artist, actor, writer, and performer. He pursued beauty and perfection in all his en-devours. He was the dotting husband of Snow Petal Song, and showered her with gifts of beauty & power whenever he could. Thousand used Sorcerous Workings to make the world his canvas, and martial arts to make his body a canvas as well.

Hallowed Firefly
Eclipse Caste. A talented diviner and exorcist. She was Chosen while uniting the mortal men of Sijian to join with the Janju, a race of black-scaled Dragon kings whom served as the guardians of the river lethe. The Janju all fell in the War, and she alone carried the memory of their existence. She lived in the Empire to aid the dead pass on to lethe, and because the Thrice Blessed Empire was a place where she knew her most prized possession, the last Janju egg, would be safe.

Koji Ten Sons
Dawn Caste. According to legend, Koji was born of ten fathers in a mystical ritual taught to his family by a Deva. He was to be his Clan’s Champion against the enemies of the Gods. However, shortly thereafter the Unconquered Sun granted him the Second Breath. The Exaltation banished the power back into the ten fathers and since then he took on the name Ten Sons. He joined the Guardians to court Five Swords for both her skill and beauty. He served as a rallying force of the Empire’s armies against any external threats.

Seventh Promise
Zenith Caste. A young prince who was exiled and rallied his people to the cause of the Gods and chosen as a priest of the Unconquered Sun for his purity of heart and dedication to virtue. He joined the Guardians to aid in the administration of the people of Hakura. A true priest king that served the people. He deeply respected August Hope, and viewed her as a sister.


Coterie of the Rising Sun

These Celestial exalted were loyal to the Solar Deliberative and served as protectors, rulers, and hero-magistrates of River Province in the First Age. They worked closely and were allied with the Empire of Hakura. Although they respected August Hope’s vision, they had their own lands to administer and goals pursued instead of joining her attempt at building a utopia.

Immaculate Song
Eclipse Caste. Leader and founder of The Immaculate Order of Couriers, a vast message delivery service that spanned the whole of Creation at the height of the First Age. A tamer of great beasts, and behemoths that became mighty companions and steeds. He was also a vastly talented leader of men.

Valiant Storm
Zenith Caste. Deeply spiritual and adventurous yeoman. Tamer of mystical beasts, elementals, and behemoths whom was known for patrolling the edges of Creation and lending aid to his fellow exalted in repelling the Enemies of the Gods that stalked the Wyld. He believed that all living beings of Creation could live harmoniously through embracing the heroism and virtue of the Unconquered Sun.

Dao Okami
Dawn Caste. Know by many as Wolf Song, Dao earned the respect of the Great Wolf Animal Avatar during the war with the Enemies of the Gods. Out of mutual respect for one another as hunters and warrior, Dao rode upon his back while wielding a powerful artifact spear named Frost Fang in battle. Their ferocity in battling the enemy became the stuff of legends. In his time upon Creation Dao was said to have befriended every predator animal divinity in existence, and could speak all the languages of the animal kingdom.

Triumphant Star
Twilight Caste. Renowned Artisan and Sorcerer. Star was a veteran of the War of Glory against the enemies of the Gods. She worked alongside and studied the secret crafting techniques of the Jade-born, helping to build the most glorious weapons to strike down the enemies of the gods. Using potent sorcery she extended the already extensive life-span, to remain in her prime throughout the duration of the First Age. She did this to continue to share her wisdom and technique with countless Exalted apprentices both Celestial and Terrestrial. It was only the treachery of the Usurpation that ended her eternity of blessed tutelage of Creation’s Champions.

Iron Soul
Dawn Caste. God-General of the Golden Legion. Iron Soul was a respected tactician and military commander, whom had forged and built an army in service to the Solar Deliberative to hunt down and slay the Fair Folk threat at Creation’s borders. He mastered potent techniques of War that destroyed, solidified, and shaped the Wyld and its Fair Folk Denizens. His name was whispered in fear in the courts of the Raksha, and with acclaim in the Hall of power of the First Age.

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First Age Incarnations

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