The Hakura Chronicle

Descending Earth VI
A Haunted Dojo

Charmed Light is sent by Seiryu himself to recover an artifact once wielded by a Dragonblooded Champion of Hakura known as The Resplendant Black Crane.

This journey leads her into the heart of the Lost Dominion to the Toiwnship of Keren. Here she meets two fellow Solar Exalted. The first is the travelling healer and apothecarey named garden’s Faire. the second was a Markuran outrider and postman by the name of Stallion’s Koan. Powerful first age flashbacks made them aware of each other’s Exalted nature.

They all were informed of a haunted Dojo to the north, and it is here that the artifact Charmed Light seeks is located. So far three youth have met grisly ends by the unclean spirits that now reside there, according to the local townies.

The three agree to team to investigate the dojo, help Charmed Light retrive the artifact, and defeat whatever evil may now reside there.

The next day through some rather interesting circumstances they are joined by River Flows Deep, and the young mysterious performer Mutt’s Bite. Powerful first age flashbacks reveal how Mutt and River were twin brothers in their past lives as Solar Exalted, now bound by powerful sorcery to find each other in every subesquent incarnation.

Together the improptu circle face the Haunted pagoda at midday. They question the forest spirits and discover the place is severly haunted by ghosts. One particularlly powerful one that has killed and enslaved the ghosts of all the dojo’s students. Those with spirit sight see all the ghosts, including the terrifying Nephwrack that is their leader and report their sightings to the rest of the group.

The group then investigates the back garden and discovers a terrifying drowned woman in the back pond, floating in the water over a pile of bodies harboring slumbering hungry dead.

Through a powerful prayer to the Unconqured Sun by Mutt’s Bite, and the mystical golden fire of Charmed Light’s Anima, the entire pikle of bodies were purfied in the fires of the Unconqured Sun and the Hungry dead destroyed.

The Drowned Woman, see only by those with Spirit sight, arose from the water and crawled into the pagaoda to speak with here undead master.

It was then the circle left and returned to the village to regroup before sundown arrived.

Descending Earth V
Attack on Hakura part III

Amara’s stand, the repairing of The Wall, and a triumphant battle won by the Solar Exalted.

Descending Earth IV
Attack on Hakura part II

The Forest, Refugee Camp, and Enemies within…

Swift Oak encounters Burden of Mercy while on patrol in a sun dabbled clearing. Burden is meditating on the nature of his Exaltation, and on his conflicted loyalities between Suzaku and the Unconqured Sun.

Swift Oak, who was on a routine far ranging mission in the eastern forest, was shocked to meet burden so far beyond the Walls of Hakura. They are both surprised when a behemoth suddenly arrives and ambushes them. It is during the pitched battle against the behemoth that Swift Oak takes the Second Breath and Exalts as a Dawn caste. Both new exalted slay the Behemoth in spectacular fashion.

Meanwhile, Gentel Mist volunteers for a mission to run into the ruins of U~Esuto to grab supplies for the Refugee camps forming in the wake of the evacuation. Corridinated with The Dragon’s Gate boys, the mission is a success.

Until a fairfolk assasin sent by the Rose family in disguise attempts to kill Gentel Mist. it is during this confrontation that she exalts as a solar exalted as well of the Twilight caste.

It is discovered that the Fairfolk can use a mysterious flute to teleport behemoths to any location they wish in an instant.

Swift Oak and burden of mercy head back to U_Esuto, and meetup with Charmed light, River Flows Deep, and Gentel Mist. They speak about what has happened to them and decide to ban together to figure out a way to drive out the behemoths, reseal the wall, and defeat Thrice Betrayed Leaf once and for all.

Descending Earth III
Attack on Hakura

The city of U~esuto is violently attacked by a massive, 60 meter tall Behemoth that appears in a flash of light just outside the Great Wall. With one sweep of it are it crushes a vast hold in the ancient wall. Burden of Mercy, Whispering Reeds, Red Serpent’s Eye, and Charmed Light are present for the choas.

During the grueling battle, Red Serpent’s Eye and several other scouts fall tragicly.

However, during various moments of unparalled heroism, selflessness, and cleverness, Burden of Mercy and Charmed Light take the Second Breath as Solar Exalted of the Zenith Caste. While Whispering Reeds also exalts as a Solar of the Night Caste. Using their newfound power they battle and nearly fell the behemoth, yet the monster vanishes in another blaze of light.

Burden of Mercy, overwhelmed with emotions, has a crisis of Faith and flees into the Eastern Forest seeking respite.

Meanwhile Charmed Light and Whispering Reeds are left behind to deal with a city now in dire danger, and as the smaller yet no less deadly behemoths begin slowly converging on U~esuto.

Descending Earth II
The Tournaments of Indra

Swift Oak fights his way to victory over the course of two day spectacle involving open fights throughout the Captial city.

One week later all of the 12 finalists gather together. In a no holds barred battle in an arena with a shifting enviornment within Amara’s Sanctum, the contestants fight each other and the enviornment.

It comes down to three finalists: Swift Oak, Ripple in Still Water, and Lovely Breath.

In a climatic final battle, Lovely Breath and Ripple in Still Water are the last two standing and in the midst of the fight Lovely Breath takes the Second Breath, and Exalts as a Solar of the Dawn caste. Rolling with the power of the Unconqured Sun. Lovely breath triumphs and wins the tournment.

She is now champion of the Amara.

Descending Earth
The Tournament of Hidari

The young Aribiter Ripple In Still Water gets his chance to renunite with his family, and shine in the tournament for his home district.

He returns and achieves victory making his family and friends proud.

Resplendant Earth Part VI
The Tourment of U~esuto

Whispering Reeds enter the tourney. over the course of ten days he fights and defeats his opponents by day, and makes political alliances and deals by night.

He nearly dies during the finals when he exposes his opponent is the Fair Folk Blood Spattered Blossom in disguise. Causing him to be cut down and greviously wounded.

Observing the match, Red Serpent’s Eye jumps into the arena and slays the meddling Fair Folk.

The governer declares Whispering Reeds the winner, and he is given the best medical treatment the district can provide.

Resplendant Earth Part V
The Tournament of Suzaku

The Tournament of Suzaku.

  • Lovely Breath defeats White Claw in Round one
  • Raid on the Firedust refinery planned.
  • Thundering Flame defeats Sirroco in Semi Finals.
  • Silent Flame is angry with Unbroken Oak over the deception.
  • Thundering Flames drops out of contest once all Obsidian Mask contenders are eliminated in Finals.
  • Sirroco has Whispering Reeds champion him in Losers circle, and he wins a chance at the finals.
  • Sirroco and Lovely Breath are the Final two contenders, and Lovely breath wins and becomes The Champion of Suzaku!
  • Raid on the Firedust refinery is executed and successful!

Resplendant Earth Part IV
The Tourment of Appu

Red Serpent’s Eyes enters the Tournment of Champions.

Over the course of ten days of glorious combat Red Serpent’s Eye faces many trials.

In her second match she accidently kills her opponent.
Later in the competition her Family is targeted by The Obsidian Mask for kidnapping. They are rescued by Whispering Reeds in a daring feat of misdirection and assasination.

Red emerges victorious as the Champion of Appu

Resplendant Earth Part III
Showdown at Appu

After an exciting adventure in Suzaku, Whispering Reeds decides to return to Appu to spend some time with Red Serpent’s Eye and support her partcipation in the Appu District Tournment.

Together they face down Obsidian Mask assasins while eating dinner at Appu’s most popular Dim Sum eatery. She still pushes forward with the tournment and prepares to race straight to an epic victory. In the mean time Whispering Reed instills fear against his enemies in the Obsidian Mask, and makes a new friend in the clever head of Appu’s Guardians Shade Anchor


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