This is a tale of the Second Age.

In the eastern lands know as River Province, an Empire rose from the vast walls of a fallen city-state of the First Age. Within it walls peace and prosperity reigned with the training from the Seventh Legion of Lookshy, and affluent trade from The Guild.

In these dark days, the once vibrant Hakura, the Thrice Blessed Empire, is under attack by vast and dangerous Behemoths that threaten the divine walls. For 20 years the Empire has been cut off from its outer provinces, now known as the Lost Dominion.

Due west along the Yellow River is a vast confederation of powerful city states know as The Kaidian Principalities. A vast network of Clans sworn to powerful Houses ruled by Princes. The Clans are a vibrant and colorful society of warriors, artisans, merchants, and performers. Supporters of the Lost Dominion, and once allies of Hakura, the Principalities also face dark times of internal strife from hidden threats beyond the eyes of Fate.

Further west along the coast Yellow River, stands the glorious city-state of a thousand temples, Great Forks. A shining jewel of trade, religion, and culture ruled over by three powerful and benevolent Deities. Yet a within a shadow land to the south, begins plot a dangerous threat to the thriving city-state.

Exalted Heroes of these lands rise and unite to save the Riverlands from the impending storm…