The Kaidian Principlaities

Off the shores of the Yellow River are a coalition of city-states ruled by a Council of Princes. The people of the Kaidian Principalities are divied by large clans with unique colors, heraldry, craftsmen, and military acumen. The indivdual Princes are heads of powerful Houses, which are vast factions of Clans who have all sworn Fealty to the Prince’s Clan. Each of the city-states is ruled by a single Prince. The most influential was Istar Reign, ruler of the captial Alaria.

Outside of House fealty, clans are autonmous when it comes to internal clan matters. Each Clan is lead by either by a Matriarch, a Patriarch, or both jointly. Each House resides and has authority over a single city-state. To maintian the status of a House however, a Prince must have a minium of five clans sworn to them.

Interclan conflicts are mediated by the respective Matriarchs and patriarchs of the Clans involved. While disputes between clan leaders are resolved by the Prince or Princes (a rare occasion) whom holds their fealty. Larger conflicts are resolved by special Councils made up of the eldest of wisest amont the Clans and/or Houses. These situation are fortunately quiet rare.

Clan hiearichy possess four ranks:

The Cub or Prospect. One whom is born or adopted into the clan. Adopted members have a year and a day period to learn if they are a good fit for the Clan. Anyone of any age can be adopted so long as they ask to join the Clan, and the Clan accepts them.

Bronze. Bronzes are full members of the Clan. All Bronzes of the same clan consider each other siblings. While those of other Clans are considered Cousins. Cubs are awarded their Bronze when they reach the age of 16, barring extraordinary circumstances. A prospect is typically Bronzed after his year and a day should they have proven a good fit for the Clan.

Silver. Silvers are the leaders of their Clan. They hold political or spiritual positions of power that are deeply respected. Only a Silver may hold the position of Matriarch or Patriarch of a Clan.

Gold. A Gold member has given, minium, over a decade of service as a Silver. These clansfolk has proven themselves willing and able to serve the greater needs of all Clansmen regardless of House, Fealty, or Rank. Only Princes, and the eldest and most revered hold this rank.


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The Kaidian Principlaities

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