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Our tale unfolds in the eastern lands of Creation known as River Province, also known to many as The Scavenger Lands. This is a large and diverse land. Fierce and independent, these lands brook no interference from the Realm. Centered on the Yanaze and Yellow Rivers, from the Noss Fens to the Inland Sea east and west, from the southern border of the Kingdom of Halta to the northern border of Harborhead north and south. The Regions below are the various locations the hero of our story live, traverse, and protect from the enemies of Creation seeking to conquer, sabotage, or destroy.

Empire of Hakura

The Thrice Blessed Empire
A large city state surrounded by three vast circular walls of First Age construction. A burgeoning and prosperous Empire that has flourished since the fall of the Shogunate. It is located on the eastern border of The Hundred Kingdoms, and tributaries of the Yellow river flow into it’s walls. It is a signatory of the Confederation of Rivers, yet contact with the outside world has been limited for the past two decades.

The Kaidian Principlaities

Confederation of Kaidian City-States
West of the Thrice Blessed Empire along the Yellow River is a vast confederation of powerful city states know as The Kaidian Principalities. A vast network of Clans sworn to powerful Houses ruled by Princes facilitate a vibrant and colorful society of warriors, artisans, merchants, and performers.

The Township of Suchi

River-shore Trading Port
Across the Yellow River to the south of the Kadian Principalities, 200 kilometers east of Great Forks lies the Township of Suchi. It is a growing port town ruled a trio of town elders. It is famous for its rich farmland, good fishing, and friendly residents.

Republic of Xoran

A Community of Philospher-Scholars
Along the northern border of the Lost Dominion, and due north of the outer walls Hakura 150 kilometers, lies the Republic of Xoran. A centurious old land founded by scholarly families that once served the powerful daimyos of the bygone Shogunate of the Dragonblooded as scribes, educators, and bureaucrats. Xoran is most famous in the region for harboring the prestigious institution learning known as The Academy of a One Thousand Wisdoms, located in the heart of it capital, Bugesh.

Great Forks

The City of Temples
Great Forks lies at the confluence of the Yellow River and the Rolling River. The City of Temples (as it is known to savants) is a place of celebration. Gods of all sorts have shrines and followings here and the festivals thrown for them often span the city in their decadence. Indeed the city is ruled by Three powerful Gods with a council of statesmen beneath them. The average citizen is well-educated, many are literate and are mildly condescending towards outsiders but not unkind. The economy is carried by a form of limited slavery, but even most of the slaves feel lucky to live in such a center of learning and culture.
A little over a decade ago the army of Great Forks was wiped out nearly to a man. What passes for an army now has been woefully untested. Very few veterans are left, and the city’s rulers know it. They work very hard to maintain good relations with neighboring kingdoms. The Kadian Principalities, Xoran, and Hakura, being three prime examples.

Calendar of Creation

Seasons and months of Creation’s Lunar Calender.


Biographies, descriptions, and rules of the relics, past, and sacred spaces of our heroes.

First Age Incarnations


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