Great Forks


Sometimes called Decadence or the City of Temples, Great Forks is one of the three greatest cities of the River Province. Great Forks is a city of gods, and they have done their best to build in it the aspect of Heaven. The fantastic wealth and power of Great Forks makes it second only to Lookshy in raw military might, and though Nexus is an unparal- leled economic juggernaut, Great Forks is known as one of the richest cities in the world. Centuries ago, three tribal deities founded the city at the juncture of the Yellow and Rolling Rivers, where fertile soils support slave-worked plantations of marijuana and qat. The three still rule today, at the head of a bureaucracy of a thousand temples.

Districts of Great Forks

Great Forks is divided into five Districts known as Quarters. The central quarter however is referred to the Temple District and is the heart and soul of the City of Temples.

Northern Quarter

Slave Barracks

Eastern Quarter

Southern Quarter

Western Quarter

The Docks
Temple District
House of Learning
Palace of the Three
House of Functionaries
House of Soldiers


Great Forks is ruled by three powerful Gods: Shield of a Different Day, Spinner of Glorious Tales, and Weaver of Dreams of Victory. Below them is The Council of Ministers, appointed by the Three Gods of Great Forks themselves to tend to the day to day running of the City-State. Below them are the Ministers deputies who are the Ministers aides and eventual replacements. Below them is a vast thriving meritocracy of Great Forks citizens.

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Great Forks

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