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  • The Kaidian Principlaities

    [[File:615802 | class=media-item-align-center | FF12-art4.jpg]] Off the shores of the Yellow River are a coalition of city-states ruled by a Council of Princes. The people of the Kaidian Principalities are divied by large clans with unique colors, …

  • Principalities

    h2. Alaria Capitial of the Kadian Principalities. Located along the shores of the Yellow River with a vast trading port and high stone walls. Well known as a Guild hub-city, making it a center of trade, commerce, and craftsmanship. Ruled by [[Houses | …

  • Clans

    Ash Azure Clay Cloud Coyote Crane Dragon Eagle Flame Hare Hawk Lion Moon Night Rat Raven Serpent Shadow Shore Silk Smoke Stone Storm Verdant Wolf [[The Kaidian Principlaities | *Return to Kaidian Principalities*]]

  • Houses

    h2. Steel Prince: Formerly [[:ishtar | Ishtar Reign]], succesion pending. Clan Fealty: Silk, Shadow, Verdant, Shore, and Stone City-State: [[Principalities | Alaria]] h2. Blood Prince: Clan Fealty: Rat, Smoke, Ash, Serpent, and Flame City- …