The Hakura Chronicle

Descending Wood RY 768
Outsiders Arrive in the City

The outsiders Lovely Breath and Illusive Breeze travel to the Empire by barge. A powerful behemoth emerges from the water and destroys the ship. The 3rd Regiment of Scouts come to the defense of the drowning passengers, Red Serpent’s Eye, Swift Oak, and Relentless Vanguard is among them.

Tragically, five scouts are killed in the battle and Lovely Breath and Illusive Breeze are the only survivors from the Barge.

The Third Scout Regiment is disbanded and all members, including Red Serpent’s Eye are sent on a month of leave from active duty. Instead of returning to her home district of Appu, she decides to spend her leave in U~Esuto, as to be close to her fellow Scouts going out of ranging.

Ascending Fire RY 768
The Undercity Revealed

The youth Ripple In Still Water is eager to prove his worth during his “intership” with the Arbiter Unbroken Oak. He is sent to investigate the activities of a smuggler known as Five Fingers Wren.

During his investigation he comes across Illusive Breeze and Lovely Breath, whom are attempting contact with Five Fingers Wren so they might be able to explore the First Age catacombs rumored to be underneath the Captial City.

The three of them discover a secret entrance to the Undercity behind the local temple to the Unconqured Sun. They explore and discover Five Fingers Wren’s dead body near some goods and discover clues to his murder. However, not before they must fight Wren’s hungry ghost.

They continue to follow the trail of strange clues and discover that there are three Hobgoblins, servants of the Fair Folk, who killed him. They work together and ambush the monsters and slay them. They discover a token on the Hobgoblins of a three pronged oak leaf. Further exploration reveals a secret exit that opens to the second wall next to the river.

This information is reported back to the Arbiters. Ripple In Still Water gains his right to graduate from the August Academy of Soliders and his position as an Aribiter. They other two are Deputized to investigate the catacombs and Fair Folk incursion further by Unbroken Oak

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part II
Trouble in the East

Newly graduated Chaplian Burden of Mercy is sent to the Eastern most district to train in Martial Arts under the tutelage of Red Serpent’s Eye.

She is found at The Popped Cork, a popular winery in U~esuto with her friend River Flows Deep having a drink. The three of them converse and are having a friendly conversation when thugs from the 4971 Hungry Devils come in and attempt to strong arm the owner, Strong Ginko, into paying protection money.

The Chapilan, Scout, and Fence drive them out of bar.

Ten minutes later they are eating their dinner, and River Flows Deep is expressing concern over one of his contacts, Five Fingers Wren, who has gone missing. Then a rock is flung through the window by the gang. The group angrily heads out of the winery and engages the gang members fleeing in a violent confrontation. After the fight the Hungry Devils are cowed and frightened away.

Burden of Mercy then offers to fix the window damaged using his talented glass crafting skills. He does so much to the owner’s appreciation. Red Serpent’s Eye gladly takes on the young chaplian as her student in Martial Arts.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part III
Dreams, betrayal, and avarice in Indra.

Burden of Mercy is sent to the captial city to lend his occult expertise to the Arbiter Ripple In Still Water in his investigations of the Fair Folk Incursion.

The two of them along with the aid of the deputized Illusive Breeze explore further hidden passages and corridors in the Undercity. They soon discover a group of smugglers planning to move contraband. The three of them ambush the criminals, and with the unexpected aid of Lovely Breath, whom was in the tunnles doing her own exploring, defeated them soundly and arrested them. they discovered the cargo was of the Guild. They also found proper Guild certified paperwork which was all written in Guild Cant.

After turning in the criminals to authorites, they returned to further explore the catacombs. they discovered an entrance to the heart of the city but it was blocked off using potent magic. When Burden of Mercy attempted to use sorcery to figure out how to open it, his god Suzaku appeared and explained that beyond the Wall was the person Santumn and Manse of Amara. They were not permitted to enter.

They continued their explorations only to discover the young noble lady Soft Rose conversing with a spellbindingly beautiful Fair Folk, and a group of hobgoblins. Next to them was a orb of light and essence, which he vanished into after they declared their love for one another. The group then attacked, they captured Soft Rose, and slayed the hobgoblins using a combination of martial talent, ambushes, and sorcerery.

Upon investigation they figured out the hovering orb was a Waypoint connected to the Wyld pocket outside the city. Thus it was enabling the Fair Folk to enter without braving the powerful wards of the Three Walls.

Amara herself appears before them, thanks them for their service to the Empire, and offers them a Divine Favor each in reward. For this was a plan by her ancient enemy the Rakasha Noble Thrice Betrayed Leaf to enter her city and exact his vengance.

They are charged with finding a box of cold iron to contain the Waypoint so it may no longer be used by the Fair Folk to infultriate the city.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part IV
Iron, Blood, and 4971 Hungry Devils

Burden of Mercy returns to the eastern district of U~esuto seeking a source of iron ore, and further training from his Sifu Red Serpent’s Eye. This time is accompanied by Illusive Breeze, who has a keen interest in dealing with the Wyld threat.

They all retire to The Popped Cork for food and drinks with River Flows Deep.

Stifling Raven and the First Regiment return from a “Food Run”, and Red touches base with them.

River uses his contacts to find where ore maybe purchased. They all travel to retrive the ore from a merchant named Blue Carp. While there an ore foreman gives River some info on how all the ore smugglers, fences, and merchants that dealt in iron ore from the abandoned mines outside the walls were being murdered, three so far. The ore is recovered and Illusive Breeze heads out to make transport arrangements via barge back to Indra.

Meanwhile, The Popped Cork is full on assaulted by Red Claw, a high ranking member of the 4971 Hungry Devils and a small horde of thugs one evening after all the scouts who frequent the establishment have left for the evening. Only Burden of Mercy, River Flows Deep, and Red Serpent’s Eye are able to defend it.

They get into another violent pitched battle, which ends with Red Claw and his cronies fleeing into the night. Red and River discover a safe house/ stakeout hideout across the street the Hungry Devils were using to spy on them. They steal a spyglass found there and write an “eviction note” for the Hungry devils and leave it on the door.

River Flows Deep decides to accompany Burden of Mercy back to the captial to ensure the ore makes it delivery, and to find out what happened to Five Fingers Wren.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part V
Assassins, politics, and dangerous beauty

After the arrest of Soft Rose, the Patriarch of the family, Strong Rose was demanding her release. So much so he wished those responsiable jailed and/or court marshalled.

Awakened by a sudden sound early in the morning, Ripple In Still Water ends up having to fight off the infamous assasin Black Lily. He defeats them brutally, and against the advice of Illusive Breeze, turns in the high priced assasin to the authorties.

He is ordered to move into the barracks and to see to the deputies and the Chaplain in case of any assasination attempts on them.

The group all convenes and Burden of Mercy , returned from the Eastern Districts with iron ore, introduced his merchant friend Whispering Reeds to Ripple In Still Water and Lovely Breath. Crediting him with helping retrive the iron, and informing them that he is lending his services and expertise to the Quartermasters temporarily.

Arrangements are made with the Temple of Amara to cold forge the iron ore into a box, and with any leftover ore a weapon. It takes a week to construct.

In that time everyone trains, studies, investigates, and establishes various contacts.

Then the box is retrived and the leftover ore is made into a dagger, which Lovely Breath is given to wield.

The group descends into the catacombs and travel to the Waypoint. As they attempt to entrap it in the box, light shoots out and forms into a frightenly inhumanly beautiful creature, its name, Blood Spattered Blossom, tattooed in old Realm on it body. The Fair Folk warrior attacks them and they engage in a dangerous battle against the monster.

The Waypoint is encased in the cold iron box and with martial prowess, cleverness, teamwork, and sorcery they defeat the Fair Folk.

The Goddess Amara once again appears and offers her gratitude for defeating her sworn enemy’s dangerous champion. She grants them all a Divine Favor. She removes the iron box into her custody until such time the Temple decides what to do with it.

They are hailed as heroes by the Arbiters.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Interlude
Little Moon

The mysterious Thrice Sworn Dreamer, discovers hobgoblins in her forest attempting to ambush Stifling Raven and the First Scout Regiment while they are returning to the Empire.

She warns them and aids them in fighting the minions of her sworn enemy.

She discovers imposter scouts are working with the hobgoblins, and an exit from the Walls unknown by the Scouts. She uses her sorcery to lull the accomplices to sleep and hands them over to the Scouts for questioning.

It then that Stifling Raven gifts her the name “Little Moon”, as giving out her actually name is too dangerous, HE may hear, and she refuses to give him the power of her name to become part of his Story.

Resplendant Fire RY 768
An kidnapping beyond the wall.

The famous oracle of Seiryu, Charmed Light, gives two readings. One is to the Lady Soft Rose. It fortells of great calamity befalling her as a result of her romance. The second is to a mysterious Veiled Man who is quiet impressed with her talent.

Meanwhile in U~esuto, River Flows Deep begins organizing his Community Protection Group to ensure the security of his district against the violent power grabs of the 4971 Hungry Devils.

Thrice Sworn Dreamer, has witnessed more and more patrols of Hobgoblins leaving the Wyld pocket. She continues to patrol the edges of her Forest as to be able to warn the Scouts of the incoming danger.

Red Serpent’s Eye sees an end to her leave and is recruited by Stifling Raven to serve in the First Scout Regiment directly under his command. They make a ranging out to the Scout Outpost deep in the forest.

Charmed Light and River Flows Deep awaken in the morning to discover they are bound by wrists and ankles, in there finest clothes, and in a cart outside the Wall of the Empire. There is a man disgusied as a Scout driving the cart, and hobgoblins surrrounding them riding vicious wolf-like steeds. Fortune’s Laughter is bound and gagged near them. But he is unconcious and looks as if he has been beaten to the brink of death.

Thrice Sworn Dreamer see the cart and hobgoblins approaching the forest. She seeks out Red Serpent’s Eye, who is nearby gathering wood and intelligence. Together they ambush the cart. At the same time the prisioners free themselves and attack as well.

Using their combined sorcery, stradegy, and martial prowess they defeat the hobgoblins and imposter Scout.

Dreamer remains in the forest, but guides them safetly out. She informs them that the Hobgoblins are minions in service to Thrice Betrayed Leaf

Red Serpents Eye leads the others back safely to the Walls, specifically to the U~esuto District. Once returned, River Flows Deep learns that a gang war with the 4971 Hungry Devils has begun in the wake of his dissappearance. As his followers investigated, and learned that the Hungry Devils had poisioned him, kiddnapped him, and sold him into slavery. Now he is ready to continue the War.

Resplendant Fire RY 768 Part II
Devils strike and the Blood Spattered Blossom returns.

Charmed Light and her brother Fortune’s Laughter have been enjoying the hospitality of River Flows Deep’s townhouse. The matron and healer Cinder Cone has been treating the injured young man, and tutoring the young oracle in the healing arts.

Burden of Mercy and Ripple In Still Water are both sent to U~esuto to find, ensure safety, question, and escort home Charmed Light and her brother by their superiors. They arrive together and meet up with Whispering Reeds at The Popped Cork.

Beforing returning to Reeds’ home to meet their charge, they go to the bakery across the street. Burden purchases a dozen baked goods and negotiates renting the “safe house” apartment from the owner. She happily agrees but informs them the lock is broken. Eager to help Ripple offers to pick the lock. With his considerable talent he picks the lock easily, impressing Whispering Reed. After they settle the travel bags in the room, the three of them depart to meet Charmed Light for dinner.

However, after they leave the bakery Red Tiger and three thugs from the 4971 Hungry Devils jump them from the alleyway. A nasty street fight begins leaving the thugs knocked out and cuffed, and Red Tiger horribly crippled. the young Arbiter deposits them with the local peacekeepers while the other continue to Reeds’ estate for dinner.

Later that evening they all sit down to diner with Charmed Light, and Cinder Cone eats the meal she cooked upstairs with her patient.

They have a nice polite dinner, despite Ripple being a bit abrasive at times. Afterwards they have coffee, sherry, and cakes. During this time Ripple questions Charmed about the kidnapped, but quickly gets distracted as she explains her gift of prophesy. He asks her for a reading and she gladly complies. the reading fortells of his charge being in immediate danger soon.

Meanwhile, Burden is upstairs reuniting with his old cadetmate Fortune’s Laughter and ensuring to his health. Once they have had a pleasant conversion and Burden is assured Fortune is recovering fine, he heads downstairs to join the questing.

At one point the questioning becomes too intense for Charmed Light and she must leave to have a moment alone with her emotions. it is then that Blood Spattered Blossom appears in her room, and informs her he is there to take her to his Lord and Master.

She screams.

What follows is desperate battle involving an army of phantasms, fire magic, and an array acrobatic martial feats. the Fair Folk Warrior is once again defeated.

Afterwards, Ripple In Still Water immediately goes to the guardhouse to report the insident. The other remain behind to comfort the young oracle and pieace together what happened.

Burden requests a reading from the Oracle, as they all fear another Waypoint orb maybe in play. Her prophesy reveals that attacking the 4971 Hungry Devil is the course of action that must be taken to retrive the orb.

Burden secures Charmed and her brother a safe have at the Temple of Suzaku, and Whispering Reed perpares to go to War.

Resplendant Fire RY 768 Part III
A band gathers, a Devil's plot foiled.

Charmed Light is enjoying her tea alone, a brief moment of respite as a guest in Whispering Reeds home.

Her host, Burden of Mercy, and Ripple In Still Water enter the room to join her.

Suddenly Charmed can see in her cup the reflection of Blood Spattered Blossom behind her. Then five hobgoblins crash through the walls and she whips around to see the Fair Folk Warrior there about to pounce.

Like lightning Ripple snatches her up and runs at full tilt away from her would be captor. They all engage in glorious combat against the Wyld’s minions. In the moments it appears the group will be the most triumphant, Blood Spattered Blossom fires his Nightmare Bow into the air causing gossamer droplets of light to rain from the cieling. This causes all the hobgoblin minions to twist, contort, and shapeshift into his exact duplicate.

“This was a test, and next time my dear, this is how you shall be confronted,” the Fair Folk said to her as he stared into her eyes.

Charmed Light awakens covered in a cold sweat.

She looks over to see Little Moon is perched in her open window, illuminated by the light of her namesake. The young girls has braved the Walls with the help of her Strix companion.

The two young women share each other’s company and bond as Charmed Light shares with Little Moon knowledge about life and clothing within the walls.

Whispering Reeds is awakened by one of his servants about the comotion upstairs in his guest’s room. he checks in on the girls and is a bit exasperated. he gives a rather strained lecture on manners and using the front door. Then they all finally turn in for a morning nap.

Meanwhile in Indra Lovely Breath seeks a new job as a Messenger, as she belives that maybe more safe than continuing to pursue being a Scout. She is hired by Timid Tempest, whom works for the Minister of the Guard. He gives her a package to deliver to Whispering Reeds in U~esuto.

Burden of Mercy, whom just had turned in his report to the Quartermasters about the situation with Charmed Light and her brother, goes to meetup with Lovely Breath to ask for her help with the situation back East dealing with The Hungry Devils. Lovely Breath declines cooly, saying she has a job now and isn’t really interesting in getting involved in dangerous things. This alarms Burden a bit as it doesn’t seem typical of her. over conversation he discovers she is going out east as well. So he offers her fast transport via his new Wind Elemental companion, she gladly accepts.

They travel to U~esuto and quickly metup with Ripple In Still Water. he and Lovely Breath talk and he learns that some offhanded comments he made, convinced her to give up on being a Scout for a more “safe occupation”. Ripple is flabberghasted as all he wanted was for her to be an Arbiter with him, but she makes it clears she never wanted to be an Arbiter.

Burden is troubled by all this as they arrive at the Estate of Whispering Reed. The group arrives just in time for breakfast cooked by Cinder Cone. Lovely breath delivers her package to Reed and attempts to simply leave. However, Cinder Cone insists the girl stay using her Matronly aura to draw in the girl.

The entire group shares breakfast and it is a colorful interaction. There are many side conversations, sharing of outfits, and plans made for the day. They all travel to the Temple of Amara in the District to give an offering to The Thrice Blessed Goddess as Ripple In Still Water wishes to request one of his two Divine Favors.

Charmed Light offers the goddess a prayer with the aid of Burden of Mercy. The resulting prayer is answered and Ripple’s tiger claws are blessed with a Bane against Fair Folk.

Some discussion is had afterwards and it is discovered that Little moon knows about a mystical door on the Walls that leads to the outside. Ripple eagerly asks that she show him. Together, they find the stairs leading to the top of the outer Wall and explore where it would be located. Little moon is able to discern its location. With the help of Burden’s Zephyr and Shiro the Owl, they all are able to fly down safely to where the door would be.

Burden of mercy however is the last down and is caught by a Guardian Patrol. There is a brief, tense confrontation where Burden is almost thrown off the wall. However through his force of personality he handles it and Zephyr carries him down with no harm.

They all examine the wall and Little Moon through her sorcerous knowlege descerns only channeled essence or a secret password with open the door.

As everyone begins venting their frustration, Whispering Reed step forward and say the secret word as he puts his hand on the wall and the door mystically opens. He smiles confidantly as he recalls the information in the package delivered to him by Lovely Breath. Which contained all of Fours Songs transactions, accomplicies, and pass codes for his smuggling operation.

Together they all enter the tunnel inside the Wall…

The group bravely heads down and discovvers a vast tunnel with sconces that have torches that light up whenever they pass them. The path lead down to a staircase leading down underground. They emerged from a doorway in an alley way in the under-district town. Here was an entire town of people living underground in cold, wet, and cramped quarters.

They all talked about where to go next. Charmed Light performed an augury to determine how they should proceed. her prophesy revealed that they would face “five fold strife”, but so long as they all worked together they would succeed at discovering and sealing the Waypoint they belived was being guarded by the 4971 Hungry Devils.

While ther was some trepidation from Ripple in Still Water and Lovely Breath, they all agreed to go under stealth to infultriate the Hungry Devils hideout and find the Waypoint orb. They all successfuly slipped in through various tricks and went unseen by all the Hungry Devils like ghosts in the night. They carefully went down the basement steps of the hideout and found the orb surrounded by a prayer rope that shieled from Wyld Energies.

Though the use of Dreamers spell the Mists of Eventide, the five well armed guards surrounding the orb were put to sleep.

Shortly thereafter Charmed Light gave up a powerful prayer to Amara. Whom heeded her call and send out her powerful divine might to send threads of the Wall’s sacred stone from the ground and seal the waypoint in a solid orb.

The orb fell to the ground and Ripple caught it. They quietly made their out of the Warehouse, but not before Dreamer used her command of the Guards dreams to send them upstairs to attack their fellow Hungry Devils as they made there escape.

Once up above, Lovely Breath, shaken by the events of the evening fled the group to hop the first bardge leaving for the Capital.

Dreamer called upon her strix Shiro and flew her way home to the Forest beyond the Wall.

The rest retired to the home of Whispering Reeds.

A quiet end to an eventful day.


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