The Hakura Chronicle

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part IV
Iron, Blood, and 4971 Hungry Devils

Burden of Mercy returns to the eastern district of U~esuto seeking a source of iron ore, and further training from his Sifu Red Serpent’s Eye. This time is accompanied by Illusive Breeze, who has a keen interest in dealing with the Wyld threat.

They all retire to The Popped Cork for food and drinks with River Flows Deep.

Stifling Raven and the First Regiment return from a “Food Run”, and Red touches base with them.

River uses his contacts to find where ore maybe purchased. They all travel to retrive the ore from a merchant named Blue Carp. While there an ore foreman gives River some info on how all the ore smugglers, fences, and merchants that dealt in iron ore from the abandoned mines outside the walls were being murdered, three so far. The ore is recovered and Illusive Breeze heads out to make transport arrangements via barge back to Indra.

Meanwhile, The Popped Cork is full on assaulted by Red Claw, a high ranking member of the 4971 Hungry Devils and a small horde of thugs one evening after all the scouts who frequent the establishment have left for the evening. Only Burden of Mercy, River Flows Deep, and Red Serpent’s Eye are able to defend it.

They get into another violent pitched battle, which ends with Red Claw and his cronies fleeing into the night. Red and River discover a safe house/ stakeout hideout across the street the Hungry Devils were using to spy on them. They steal a spyglass found there and write an “eviction note” for the Hungry devils and leave it on the door.

River Flows Deep decides to accompany Burden of Mercy back to the captial to ensure the ore makes it delivery, and to find out what happened to Five Fingers Wren.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part III
Dreams, betrayal, and avarice in Indra.

Burden of Mercy is sent to the captial city to lend his occult expertise to the Arbiter Ripple In Still Water in his investigations of the Fair Folk Incursion.

The two of them along with the aid of the deputized Illusive Breeze explore further hidden passages and corridors in the Undercity. They soon discover a group of smugglers planning to move contraband. The three of them ambush the criminals, and with the unexpected aid of Lovely Breath, whom was in the tunnles doing her own exploring, defeated them soundly and arrested them. they discovered the cargo was of the Guild. They also found proper Guild certified paperwork which was all written in Guild Cant.

After turning in the criminals to authorites, they returned to further explore the catacombs. they discovered an entrance to the heart of the city but it was blocked off using potent magic. When Burden of Mercy attempted to use sorcery to figure out how to open it, his god Suzaku appeared and explained that beyond the Wall was the person Santumn and Manse of Amara. They were not permitted to enter.

They continued their explorations only to discover the young noble lady Soft Rose conversing with a spellbindingly beautiful Fair Folk, and a group of hobgoblins. Next to them was a orb of light and essence, which he vanished into after they declared their love for one another. The group then attacked, they captured Soft Rose, and slayed the hobgoblins using a combination of martial talent, ambushes, and sorcerery.

Upon investigation they figured out the hovering orb was a Waypoint connected to the Wyld pocket outside the city. Thus it was enabling the Fair Folk to enter without braving the powerful wards of the Three Walls.

Amara herself appears before them, thanks them for their service to the Empire, and offers them a Divine Favor each in reward. For this was a plan by her ancient enemy the Rakasha Noble Thrice Betrayed Leaf to enter her city and exact his vengance.

They are charged with finding a box of cold iron to contain the Waypoint so it may no longer be used by the Fair Folk to infultriate the city.

Ascending Fire RY 768 Part II
Trouble in the East

Newly graduated Chaplian Burden of Mercy is sent to the Eastern most district to train in Martial Arts under the tutelage of Red Serpent’s Eye.

She is found at The Popped Cork, a popular winery in U~esuto with her friend River Flows Deep having a drink. The three of them converse and are having a friendly conversation when thugs from the 4971 Hungry Devils come in and attempt to strong arm the owner, Strong Ginko, into paying protection money.

The Chapilan, Scout, and Fence drive them out of bar.

Ten minutes later they are eating their dinner, and River Flows Deep is expressing concern over one of his contacts, Five Fingers Wren, who has gone missing. Then a rock is flung through the window by the gang. The group angrily heads out of the winery and engages the gang members fleeing in a violent confrontation. After the fight the Hungry Devils are cowed and frightened away.

Burden of Mercy then offers to fix the window damaged using his talented glass crafting skills. He does so much to the owner’s appreciation. Red Serpent’s Eye gladly takes on the young chaplian as her student in Martial Arts.

Ascending Fire RY 768
The Undercity Revealed

The youth Ripple In Still Water is eager to prove his worth during his “intership” with the Arbiter Unbroken Oak. He is sent to investigate the activities of a smuggler known as Five Fingers Wren.

During his investigation he comes across Illusive Breeze and Lovely Breath, whom are attempting contact with Five Fingers Wren so they might be able to explore the First Age catacombs rumored to be underneath the Captial City.

The three of them discover a secret entrance to the Undercity behind the local temple to the Unconqured Sun. They explore and discover Five Fingers Wren’s dead body near some goods and discover clues to his murder. However, not before they must fight Wren’s hungry ghost.

They continue to follow the trail of strange clues and discover that there are three Hobgoblins, servants of the Fair Folk, who killed him. They work together and ambush the monsters and slay them. They discover a token on the Hobgoblins of a three pronged oak leaf. Further exploration reveals a secret exit that opens to the second wall next to the river.

This information is reported back to the Arbiters. Ripple In Still Water gains his right to graduate from the August Academy of Soliders and his position as an Aribiter. They other two are Deputized to investigate the catacombs and Fair Folk incursion further by Unbroken Oak

Descending Wood RY 768
Outsiders Arrive in the City

The outsiders Lovely Breath and Illusive Breeze travel to the Empire by barge. A powerful behemoth emerges from the water and destroys the ship. The 3rd Regiment of Scouts come to the defense of the drowning passengers, Red Serpent’s Eye, Swift Oak, and Relentless Vanguard is among them.

Tragically, five scouts are killed in the battle and Lovely Breath and Illusive Breeze are the only survivors from the Barge.

The Third Scout Regiment is disbanded and all members, including Red Serpent’s Eye are sent on a month of leave from active duty. Instead of returning to her home district of Appu, she decides to spend her leave in U~Esuto, as to be close to her fellow Scouts going out of ranging.


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