Gentle Mist

Adventurous Noble



Strength 2
Dexterity 4
Stamina 2

Charisma 4
Manipulation 4
Appearance 3

Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 4


Archery 0
Athletics 1
Awareness 2
Brawl 1
Bureaucracy 5
Craft 0
Dodge 2
Integrity 2
Investigation 1
Larceny 1
Linguistics 2
Lore 3
Martial Arts (Crane Style) 4
Medicine 4
Melee 0
Occult 1
Performance 1
Presence 4
Resistance 1
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 4
Stealth 1
Survival 0
Thrown 0
War 0


Bureaucracy (Goverenment Paperwork)
Medicine (Trauma)
Presence (Persuasion)
Socialize (Empathy)


Allies (Jubiliant Rose) o
Artifact o
Contacts o
Direction Sense o
Followers (Hakuran Citizens from all Districts) oo
Influence oo
Language (High Realm) o
Language (Old Realm) o
Martial Artist oooo
Mentor (Steel Mist) ooo
Resources ooo
Retainer (Quiet Crane) oo


Defining Principle: “Help others less fortunate”
Defining Tie: Knowledge (Essential)

Major Tie: Father (Love)
Major Tie: Personal Freedom (Important)
Major Tie: Confinment (Hate)
Major Tie: Followers (Care)
Major Tie: Medicine (Important)
Major Tie: Memory of Mother (Nostalgia)

Minor Tie: Quiet Crane (Respect)
Minor Tie: Fear (Dislike)
Minor Tie: Family Honor (Important)
Minor Tie: Travel (Excitment)
Minor Tie: Fan (Cherish)


Graceful Crane Stance

Sensory Acuity Prana

Deft Offical’s Way
Measuring Glance
Speed the Wheels
Bureau-Rectifying Method
Indolent Offical Charm

Drifing Leaf Elusion

Harmonious Academic Methodology

Empowering Justice Redirection
Fluttering Cry of Warning

Wound-Mending Care Technique

Spirit Detecting Glance

Tiger’s Dread Symmetry
Listener Swaying Arguement
Majestic Raidant Presence
Blazing Glorious icon

Ox-Body Technique

Motive Discerning Technique
Shadow Over Day


Willpower 6
Essence 1


Exceptional Medical Kit (+1 Medicine)


Silver Gossamer Flute


Daughter of Steel Mist, The Minister of Guards.

Gentle Mist

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