The Hakura Chronicle

Resplendant Earth Part V

The Tournament of Suzaku

The Tournament of Suzaku.

  • Lovely Breath defeats White Claw in Round one
  • Raid on the Firedust refinery planned.
  • Thundering Flame defeats Sirroco in Semi Finals.
  • Silent Flame is angry with Unbroken Oak over the deception.
  • Thundering Flames drops out of contest once all Obsidian Mask contenders are eliminated in Finals.
  • Sirroco has Whispering Reeds champion him in Losers circle, and he wins a chance at the finals.
  • Sirroco and Lovely Breath are the Final two contenders, and Lovely breath wins and becomes The Champion of Suzaku!
  • Raid on the Firedust refinery is executed and successful!



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