The Hakura Chronicle

Resplendant Earth Part II

A journey into fire

Whispering Reeds, fresh from his adventures in Appu, decides to journey to the Captial for a few days in order to investigate the Bizzare set up by Four Songs. It is here he runs into Lovely Breath and Ripple In Still Water as they are shopping for travel provisions for a journey to Suzaku.

Several important events take place leading up to the Suzaku tournment:

  • Ripple in Still Water is given an Undercover mission assigned by Unbroken Oak
  • Sirrocco’s offers them all hospitality
  • Ripple, while undercover finds alternate Accomidations
  • Lovely Breath and Ripple (in Disguise) sign up for Tournment
  • Shady dealings are engaged in by Ripple and Whispering Reeds to get an enforcer job at firedust refinery
  • Lovely Breath researcha and take a trip to the southern district Sasu
  • Ripple and Whispering Reeds explore the Fire Dust refinery and find an Obsidian mask hideout.
  • An assasination attempt is foiled resulting in backalley brawl.



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