The Hakura Chronicle

Descending Earth IV

Attack on Hakura part II

The Forest, Refugee Camp, and Enemies within…

Swift Oak encounters Burden of Mercy while on patrol in a sun dabbled clearing. Burden is meditating on the nature of his Exaltation, and on his conflicted loyalities between Suzaku and the Unconqured Sun.

Swift Oak, who was on a routine far ranging mission in the eastern forest, was shocked to meet burden so far beyond the Walls of Hakura. They are both surprised when a behemoth suddenly arrives and ambushes them. It is during the pitched battle against the behemoth that Swift Oak takes the Second Breath and Exalts as a Dawn caste. Both new exalted slay the Behemoth in spectacular fashion.

Meanwhile, Gentel Mist volunteers for a mission to run into the ruins of U~Esuto to grab supplies for the Refugee camps forming in the wake of the evacuation. Corridinated with The Dragon’s Gate boys, the mission is a success.

Until a fairfolk assasin sent by the Rose family in disguise attempts to kill Gentel Mist. it is during this confrontation that she exalts as a solar exalted as well of the Twilight caste.

It is discovered that the Fairfolk can use a mysterious flute to teleport behemoths to any location they wish in an instant.

Swift Oak and burden of mercy head back to U_Esuto, and meetup with Charmed light, River Flows Deep, and Gentel Mist. They speak about what has happened to them and decide to ban together to figure out a way to drive out the behemoths, reseal the wall, and defeat Thrice Betrayed Leaf once and for all.



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