The Hakura Chronicle

Descending Earth III

Attack on Hakura

The city of U~esuto is violently attacked by a massive, 60 meter tall Behemoth that appears in a flash of light just outside the Great Wall. With one sweep of it are it crushes a vast hold in the ancient wall. Burden of Mercy, Whispering Reeds, Red Serpent’s Eye, and Charmed Light are present for the choas.

During the grueling battle, Red Serpent’s Eye and several other scouts fall tragicly.

However, during various moments of unparalled heroism, selflessness, and cleverness, Burden of Mercy and Charmed Light take the Second Breath as Solar Exalted of the Zenith Caste. While Whispering Reeds also exalts as a Solar of the Night Caste. Using their newfound power they battle and nearly fell the behemoth, yet the monster vanishes in another blaze of light.

Burden of Mercy, overwhelmed with emotions, has a crisis of Faith and flees into the Eastern Forest seeking respite.

Meanwhile Charmed Light and Whispering Reeds are left behind to deal with a city now in dire danger, and as the smaller yet no less deadly behemoths begin slowly converging on U~esuto.



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