The Hakura Chronicle

Descending Earth II

The Tournaments of Indra

Swift Oak fights his way to victory over the course of two day spectacle involving open fights throughout the Captial city.

One week later all of the 12 finalists gather together. In a no holds barred battle in an arena with a shifting enviornment within Amara’s Sanctum, the contestants fight each other and the enviornment.

It comes down to three finalists: Swift Oak, Ripple in Still Water, and Lovely Breath.

In a climatic final battle, Lovely Breath and Ripple in Still Water are the last two standing and in the midst of the fight Lovely Breath takes the Second Breath, and Exalts as a Solar of the Dawn caste. Rolling with the power of the Unconqured Sun. Lovely breath triumphs and wins the tournment.

She is now champion of the Amara.



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